This is the website where the clubs do not choose us, but we choose them.

Our concept has the conscious Swinger with an eye for quality in focus – the swinger, who requires a wild and luxurious evening.

As part of our concept, we visit each swinger club anonymously so that we do not see a “perfected” image of the clubs. We will arrive without any further notice, and assess the clubs based on a set of rating points as well as the overall experience of the atmosphere in the club.

If the club meets the set standards, we will rate it either bronze, silver or gold. The rating system functions as a seal of quality, and places the club at a list among the world’s best swinger clubs.

Since our concept should be a service for swingers, there will be no payment for the users, but there will be a payment for the clubs as well as selected advertisers.

Once a year, we will award The Club of the Year in cooperation with our users. The award will take place for the very first time in December 2019.

We hope to travel the world, but we are aware that it will take years to expand the website.

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