Our selection of swing clubs is hard but fair, and there are no clubs on the list that do not meet our secret standards. We have divided the clubs into three categories, but even our bronze clubs are of great quality and are swing clubs that we would love to visit again.

A club’s placement on the list is not promised to last forever, as we also revisit the clubs on the list to see if they still meet our standards.The stars on the club’s profile show a general assessment of the club, and give you a quick overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each club.


Somthing special

This is one of the best and wildest swinger clubs in the world. To become a gold club, the club must be something special. If you visit a gold club, it will undoubtedly be a truly unique experience. A gold club scores top points in all areas.  A gold club is a “must visit”, and it is worth traveling a long way for experience.


Definitely worth visiting

A silver club is a great club with some really good values. A silver club sets the scene for a wild and sexy evening and is definitely worth a visit. If you visit a silver club, you will meet a very good service with a touch of luxury. A silver club will certainly give you a great evening and is worth traveling for.


Many good hours of naughty entertainment

A bronze club is definitely a good club, otherwise it would not be on the list. However, a bronze club has some weaknesses in the category “world’s best swinger clubs” that will be commented on in the profile description of the club. The club will definitely give you some really good nights and lots of good hours of fun entertainment. A bronze club is definitely worth visiting if you are in the area.

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