Terms of Service

Description of the Service:
Secretswingerlust is a website that visits swinger clubs and reviews them. The content represents our personal and subjective assessment after visiting the club/resort/event. We cannot be held responsible if readers have a different experience of the club or if the clubs have changed since our visit. Our blog content is based on our own or our readers’ stories and experiences from the swinger community, and therefore, it does not constitute recommendations from professional individuals.

Agreement and Receipt:
When you make a purchase on the site, you enter into an agreement with:

Email: Info@secretswingerlust.com

After a purchase, you will receive a receipt via email. The receipt serves as documentation of the entered agreement.

Payment Terms:
When purchasing a membership at Secretswingerlust, you are buying a 12-month membership as a one-time purchase. After 12 months, you must accept the renewal of your membership at the applicable price. We use PayPal as our payment solution, and your data will be processed by PayPal. Changes in membership prices only affect renewals after the current membership period. Payment can be made with credit card and/or PayPal.

Refund Policy:
As Secretswingerlust.com is an article-based platform, refunds are not possible after the completion of the purchase of access to Secretswingerlust.com. By making a purchase, you agree that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised, as the product is delivered immediately after payment.

With a membership at Secretswingerlust.com, you gain access to our reviews of silver and gold swinger clubs and the protected parts of the blog. We provide no guarantee regarding the quantity of content on the site and when it will be posted, as it depends on the success of our visits to the clubs.

Confidentiality and Data Protection:
Secretswingerlust only receives your email upon registration, as PayPal handles all financial transactions. Creating a profile with pictures and text should be considered a public space, and users should exercise caution. Users’ email addresses will not be shared or used for anything other than what users actively accept.

All content on Secretswingerlust.com is protected by copyright and may not be copied or reproduced elsewhere without legal consequences.

Limitation of Liability:
Secretswingerlust.com disclaims responsibility in the event of temporary downtime or updates to the website. Secretswingerlust reserves the right to take the website out of operation for an extended period due to maintenance and/or operational failures. No financial compensation will be provided for shorter or longer downtime.

Age Restriction and Nature of Content:
By creating a membership on Secretswingerlust.com, the user confirms and guarantees that they are of legal age and at least 18 years old. As our website’s content focuses on topics within the swinger community and addresses issues with sexual content, it is crucial that the user is legally an adult to access and participate in our services.

Please note that the content on Secretswingerlust.com may include images and/or videos with erotic content or undertones. This material is designed to cover topics related to the swinger lifestyle and may be perceived as offensive by some individuals. The user agrees that they will exercise the necessary discretion and understanding of the content’s nature and purpose.

By continuing to use our services, the user confirms that they accept and understand the age restriction and the nature of the presented content on Secretswingerlust.com.

For non-delivery or service-related issues, complaints can be directed to Secretswingerlust.com via email at info@secretswingerlust.com, with a response time of up to 14 business days. Complaints will be handled seriously, and a solution will be presented.

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