Meet Me in Room 208 – A Passionate Affair

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In a hotel in the heart of the city, a secret lingers, known only to a select few. Room 208 holds a tale of desire and smoldering passion, drawing a passionate woman into a daring adventure. Her mind brims with fantasies that can only be fulfilled by a man with brown eyes and a youthful appearance. The dream of a passionate evening with a waiter, whose touch would ignite her senses, compels her to act upon her innermost desires. Let us step into this dimly lit realm of desire, where intimacy and excitement blend together, and surrender offers her an unforgettable experience. Welcome to “Meet Me in Room 208 – A Passionate Affair.”

Chapter 1. Pandora’s Box

After 12 years of marriage, it was as if Pandora’s box had been opened. I was a woman in my mid-30s, and suddenly, all possibilities lay before me. The day we decided to explore sex with others without each other’s presence. My husband and I had been swingers for many years, but this idea was both dangerous and tempting. The thought of following my immediate desires and instincts, being spontaneous, and just doing it. To tell myself, “You have permission.”

This thought awakened an inner flame within me, a fire just waiting to explode. I had always been a woman who lived by the rules, followed the normal paths, but now there was a side of me that wanted to break free from the predictable routine. It was as if the limitations of everyday life could no longer contain my yearning for passion and excitement.

I couldn’t shake the idea of experiencing something new, something forbidden. Stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring the unknown, all on my own. And then I started thinking about him – the waiter at the hotel. The young man with brown eyes and a youthful appearance who had always caught my attention. He was innocent in a way, but there was also a glimmer of desire and adventure in his eyes.

The idea of a passionate evening with him began to seduce me. The image of our bodies meeting in the dance of passion, his hands exploring my skin and arousing the most intense sensations in me, became more and more vivid. I could feel my body quivering with excitement and anticipation, while my mind floated between doubt and desire.

But I was ready to explore what lay beyond my self-control and limitations.


Chapter 2. An Evening of Preparations

It was a Thursday afternoon, with thrilling possibilities in the air. I had to convince my colleagues to go out to the hotel’s restaurant. With a voice filled with secrecy and anticipation, I suggested, “Shall we go out for dinner tonight?” My colleague was curious and asked, “Where should we go to eat?” With a twinkle in my eye, I replied, “What if we dine at the restaurant inside the hotel?” There was a welcomed pause, where anticipation filled the air. My colleague remarked, “Haven’t we been there so many times before?” I smirked and whispered, “Yes, but tonight there’s something new and exciting on the menu.” There was a moment of silence, and then my colleague broke into a smile and said, “Okay, let’s do it.” A wave of electricity surged through me. I could feel the intense excitement in my body. The uncertainty of whether the waiter with the brown eyes would be there, teased my nerves, but at the same time, it was as if I had an inner belief that destiny would bring us together this evening.

I rush home from work to take a shower. I must be ready. I must be shaved from head to toe. My hair needs to be perfect. The makeup should be prominent but not too much. The clothes should be stylish yet form-fitting, accentuating all my curves. It should be more than appropriate for an evening in the company of my colleagues at one of the city’s finest restaurants, and maybe even too much, but that wouldn’t stop me.

As the water flows down my body in the shower, I let my thoughts drift toward what awaits me. I imagine those moments when our eyes meet across the restaurant, and a spark of recognition ignites. I envision his smile, his voice whispering sweet words in my ear. My pulse quickens, and I can feel the warmth spreading within me.

When I step out of the shower, the preparations truly begin. I take the time to thoroughly dry my body, to care for my skin, and to choose the perfect outfit. I dress in clothing that sensually highlights my curves. Every movement I make is carefully choreographed to attract attention and arouse desire.

Makeup is applied with precision. I want my eyes to sparkle and my lips to tempt. Each stroke of the brush, each application of mascara, and each swipe of lipstick is an invitation to pleasure and passion. I want to be irresistible, a woman who doesn’t hide her sensuality but embraces it with pride.

As I take one final look in the mirror, I see a woman ready to conquer the world and capture her own desire. Everything is in place, and I am ready to meet my colleagues at the restaurant. And maybe, just maybe, he will be there too – the waiter with the brown eyes who has haunted my dreams. In the shadow of doubt lies the excitement and anticipation of what might happen this evening. Destiny must guide us together, and I am ready to embrace it with open arms.

The time has come to initiate on tonight’s mysterious and passionate adventure.



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Chapter 3. The Moment That Seduced Us

I arrive at the hotel, the anticipation tingling through my body. The restaurant is just beyond the hotel’s doors, with large panoramic windows and a balcony overlooking the parking lot. Curiously, I look up, hopeful, searching for him. Will he be there? Will our eyes cross paths in tonight’s unpredictable dance?

As I reach the steps in front of the entrance, I see him. He’s talking to one of my colleagues, but suddenly, he turns, and our eyes meet. Time stands still for a moment. I remain completely motionless, as if my feet are firmly anchored in cement. Now he starts moving toward me with a cheeky smile. I can clearly see how his eyes slowly glide down my body. He desires me, I can feel it. His eyes, his smile – they radiate. His hair is perfectly styled, full and dark.

My pulse quickens, and the warmth spreads across my face, while pulsating between my legs. I can feel the desire burning within me, a smoldering fire ready to ignite. What should I say? He approaches, and fear spreads through my body. I have to walk the stairs without stumbling in my high heels. It’s a fear that thrives alongside an insistent urge to meet him because otherwise, it would be too awkward.

He reaches the door and stands at the end of the stairs, looking at me, saying, “Hey, so you made it today.” What should I say? “Hey, yeah,” is all I can muster. I begin to walk up the stairs and meet him in the middle. He extends his arms for a friendly hug. Thoughts run wild, and my imagination goes into overdrive. His scent arouses me, our bodies meet, and I can feel the tension rising as our bodies draw closer. His warm breath grazes my cheek, and I can feel the electricity dancing between us.

We release each other, our eyes meet again in a moment filled with anticipation. He says, “I saw that your colleague had made a reservation, but I wasn’t sure if you were coming.” I briefly glance past him and spot my colleagues sitting and waiting for me. “Well, I’m usually always here,” I tell him with a hint of embarrassment in my voice.

Together, we enter the restaurant to meet my colleagues. A thousand thoughts swirl in my head as I try to control the overwhelming smile on my lips, while the sound of my stilettos echoes in rhythm with my heartbeat.

I greet my colleagues politely, and the waiter turns to take three menus in his hand. He asks where we would like to sit. Silence hangs in the air until one of my colleagues breaks it and says, “We could sit outside.” Agreement spreads among the group, and we confirm that it’s a good idea.

As we make our way through the restaurant, the sound of my stilettos attracts attention. People turning their heads to look at me. I can feel their eyes slowly tracing down my body. Women look at me with envy, while men stare at me with desiring eyes, ready to consume yet another meal. But their attention is nothing compared to one person’s stare.

Him, the waiter with the brown eyes, follows me with his intense eyes, burning with lust. I can feel the energy between us, as if we’ve created our own little universe in the pulsating restaurant. The thought of what could happen later grows more and more intense. A tension hangs over us, and I know that this evening will change everything.


Chapter 4. The Menu

We settle down, and he places the menu cards on the table. I pick up the menu card and briefly glance at the culinary temptations. He interrupts and asks, “Would you like a welcome drink?” My colleague looks up and says, “Yes, please, and make it the good bottle.” A smile spreads across his lips, and he responds with a nod, saying, “Of course.” He turns around and goes back inside, and I feel the calm finally relaxing me. I exhale slowly and lean back in the chair with the menu card in my hands.

There’s so much food tempting me, but I decide to be wise and choose a light dish to avoid feeling bloated. While the others study the starters, I focus on the main courses. There’s no room for a starter if I’m going to keep my stomach in.

I hear clinking champagne glasses and quickly raise my eyes again. “I’ve brought out the good bottle,” he says, while pouring three glasses of champagne. “I’ll leave the bottle here.” I look at him with a smile and say, “Very fancy.” Our eyes meet again, he is making a show for us. Or is it me he’s trying to impress?

“What would you like to eat?” he asks. I remain silent and let the others order first. His eyes turn towards me. I have no idea how to pronounce the dish, so I tell him, “I would like the mussels.” He smiles playfully and says, “Moules Frites.” “Yes, that dish,” I reply. The others at the table start to giggle as they try to pronounce the words out loud. I try to avoid his eyes but burst into loud laughter. He gathers the menu cards again and goes back inside.

I can feel the tension in the air between us growing, and I can’t help but imagine what may be waiting for us. But first, we must enjoy the evening, the exquisite meal, and the erotic atmosphere that slowly envelops us like a warm breeze of desire.

I reach out for the champagne glass, needing to steady my nerves. I take a good sip, while the others extend their glasses. “Cheers,” they say. I gulp and look around in humility. “Cheers,” I say, as I reach out with my glass. I take an even bigger sip, feeling the bubbles tickle my tongue, and the taste of the exquisite champagne. My head grows warm, and I feel the rush spreading through my body once again. But I must focus, focus on how to express all my desires to him.

As my mind plans how we will meet after dinner, I look out over the balcony and see the waiter driving away in his car. Panic sets in. “Did he leave?” I exclaim. The others turn their heads towards the parking lot. “Yes, it seems so,” one says. My pulse rises.

I reach for my phone. I must be able to find him on Snapchat. There! I found him. I write the message without thinking, “Did you leave?” I quickly get a response: “I’ll be back,” he writes. Immediately, I feel calm again, but quickly, calm turns into eagerness and doubt about what he might be thinking, since I’m so desperate that I choose to write to him. What does he think? And why did he reply so quickly? Has he been waiting for this moment, where I finally give in and reach out to him?

Thoughts whirl around in my head, and I begin to doubt if it’s all a good idea. Perhaps it would be better to let it remain a fantasy and not risk ruining anything. But at the same time, the desire and the longing are so strong that I can’t stop it. He has captured me with his smile, his brown eyes, and his youthful charm, and I want to explore this forbidden attraction.

I try to hide my thoughts and doubts as I engage in dinner conversations.


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Chapter 5. “Would you like dessert?”

One glass was followed by another. I was starting to feel intoxicated. My phone faced-down on the table – the others shouldn’t see if he messaged me. We had finished our meal, and I sat there, staring down at my phone, waiting. He had to message soon. Maybe he wouldn’t, or perhaps he expected me to take the lead and message to plan a meeting?

As doubts filled my head, I saw him from the corner of my eye. He walked through the restaurant, which was starting to be empty. He came over to us and asked if the food had been good. “Yes,” I quickly managed to say with an eager voice. He looked at me and asked, “Would you like dessert?” Another colleague quickly replied, “Yes, she would like that.” Confused, I asked, “would I?” My eyes shifted to the waiter, who answered, “Yes, you would,” and gave me a wink with his one eye. I quickly became confused. Was this question really about dessert? Or was he asking me if we should have sex? The atmosphere intensified as our eyes connected like two souls melting together. We exchanged no more words, and he turned to leave. Confused, I looked around at the others. “I wonder if I’ll get dessert,” I said. They looked at me and replied, “You probably will.” As doubt spread through my body, a few minutes passed, and then the waiter came with a dessert in his hand. He stood behind me and placed the plate on the table in front of me. I was confused. What did it mean?

Shortly after, I took my phone and stood up from the table to go to the restroom. I had to; my bladder was about to burst. While I was sitting on the toilet, my phone vibrated. It was my boyfriend. I didn’t manage to answer it, but I quickly called back. The connection was poor, and I couldn’t hear a word of what he said. He hung up quickly and wrote: “Goodnight, my love.”

In that moment, I made the decision to be  honest and open with my partner. We had agreed to explore our desires with other people, as long as we remained truthful about it. The thought of being with another man made me nervous in a way I hadn’t felt before. Even though I had been with many men during our swinger experiences, this was different. It was on my own, without my partner by my side. Uncertainty and nerves consumed me, but I also knew it was part of the journey in our open relationship. I had to trust myself and rely on the trust we had built with each other.

I replied to him with a sense of security and confidence: “I’ll be home late.” I sent the message with a cheeky smiley. He quickly responded: “Are you going to be naughty tonight?” I knew it was important to be sincere about my feelings and desires. “Yes” I replied. I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror. I forced a smile to check if I had anything between my teeth. I returned to the table, while the conversation among my colleagues continued loudly. I didn’t even listen to what they were talking about. I placed my phone back on the table and looked down at my dessert.

But then my phone vibrated again. I stopped chewing and grabbed the phone. In a notification, I could see that the waiter had sent me a message. I swallowed once more and opened the message. “Meet me in room 208.”

Chapter 6. Meet me in room 208

My eyes became fixed. I read the message again and again. 208. 208. 208. Remember it now! My heart was racing, and nervousness spread through my body. Then a new message arrived. “Do you dare?” he wrote. “Yes,” I quickly replied. Then I received a picture of a staircase. “In 5 minutes. You should go this way.” “Ok,” I wrote. I looked down at my dessert, which I hadn’t finished. I could see the hungry eyes from the other side of the table. “Do you want the rest?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. I slid my plate across the table. Meanwhile, I poured the last drops of champagne into my glass. I needed to regain my composure. I looked at my colleague’s glass. “Can you drink all that wine yourself?” I asked. “No,” she answered. “You can have half.” I quickly reached out for her glass and poured half of it into mine. Minutes passed, and I had to leave the table soon. I couldn’t make him wait, or he would think I had gotten cold feet. I took my glass and emptied it. I turned my head towards my colleagues and said, “Shall we pay?” There was agreement. As we walked towards the exit, I said to the others, “You can go home. I just need to use the restroom.”

As I walked towards the restroom, I couldn’t spot the waiter. He was probably already in room 208. I stopped halfway to the restroom and turned around. I waited for a few seconds, making sure the others had left. Then I turned and started walking back. I looked towards the exit to see if they were gone. My eyes fixed on the staircase that the waiter had sent a picture of. It was a narrow staircase. I started climbing the stairs, trying to orient myself. Room 208. 208. 208. It must be around here. I walked down a hallway. It should be here. My phone vibrated again. It was the waiter, writing, “Where are you?” I quickly replied as I continued walking, “I’m on my way.” I passed one room after another. 208. 208. 208. It had to be here. And there it was.

The door was slightly open. I heard the shower coming from inside the room. My heart pounded in my chest as I knocked three times. I wanted to make sure it was the right room. The door opened, and with a sensual smile, he said, “Come inside.” My breath became heavier, and my lips formed a soft sigh. I stepped inside cautiously, my senses overwhelmed with excitement and desire.

“I’m just going to take a quick shower,” his voice came from the bathroom. “Yes, of course,” I replied, letting my eyes wander around the room. He had emptied his pockets onto a table – mobile phone, and a stack of bills. While I stood there studying his belongings, I suddenly felt a touch around my waist. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. Our bodies met in an electrically charged contact, and I could feel the warmth from his bare skin. The intensity between us was overwhelming, and our eyes locked onto each other. For a moment, it felt like we melted together as two bodies embraced by passion.

Our lips met in a deep and passionate kiss, and in that moment, all nervousness vanished. It was as if we had known each other for eternity, and our kiss was a long-awaited homecoming to a place we both yearned for. He took a step back and said with a burning glow in his eyes, “I was uncertain if you dared to do it.” I didn’t respond with words, but instead, I gave him a smile that spoke more than a thousand words.

“Every time I look into your eyes, I lose myself,” he said, leaning in over me to give me a kiss that could ignite the entire universe. “Thank you,” I whispered hoarsely, letting my fingertips trace the contours of his body. “I’ll just finish up. You can start undressing,” he said with a cheeky gleam in his eye, and I could feel a wave of excitement and anticipation coursing through my body.

I let my hands glide over my own curves, and for a moment, I was no longer the same cautious woman who entered room 208. I became a warrior of passion, ready to explore the uncharted territory of desire and devotion. Slowly, I began to undress, discarding layer after layer of clothing as a revelation of my true nature.

As I stood there in my nakedness, I was filled with a sense of strength and courage. The room became enveloped in an aura of anticipation and desire, hanging like a dense fog between us. We were two souls who had found each other in a moment of passion and longing. And in this moment, room 208 became our sanctuary, where we could explore each other’s bodies and surrender to seduction.

From the windows, I could hear the sounds of pulsating nightlife, people in festive gatherings and laughter filling the air outside. None of them knew what was about to happen in this moment, hidden behind the closed doors of this room. We were the secret, nestled in the glow of dim light, ready to explore our deepest desires and lusts.

Suddenly, the sound of the running shower ceased. I turned my eyes towards the open bathroom door while standing at the edge of the bed. But I couldn’t remain there any longer. My brain was overwhelmed by a primal urge that forced my legs towards the door. As if I was driven by an invisible force, I grasped the handle and opened the door.

My eyes met the sight of the waiter, standing in front of the mirror, naked and wet from the shower. He was a legendary sculpture of masculinity, and I observed every detail of his bronzed body. A faint breath escaped my lips, and my heart raced wildly in my chest.

His eyes met mine, and for a moment, we captured each other’s depths. A surge of electricity ran through the room, and time seemed to stand still. He dropped the towel, letting it fall to the floor, and slowly began to move towards me, like a predator closing in on its prey. He firmly grasped my hair, his touch both gentle and commanding, while his other hand found its way to my chest, his fingers exploring every curve, igniting a wave of intensity.

My breath grew deeper, and my body yearned for more. I allowed myself to be consumed by the moment, my desire and devotion. We were two souls united in a tempest of passion, and it was here, during this intimate moment, that our desires would unfold in their most genuine and intense form.

Slowly, we moved towards the edge of the bed. Each step was a dance, a symphony of touch and longing. My hand glided down his chest, the sensation of his warm skin under my fingertips sending an electric shock through my body. I continued my exploration, my hand moving further down until I felt his hard dick.

With a gentle and delicate motion, I let my fingers caress him, a tender grip embracing his longing. I could hear his deeper and more intense breaths, his body craving for more. At the same time, he slowly slid his hand down between my legs. A sigh escaped my lips as his fingers began to play with my clitoris, arousing a tantalizing sensation that sent a wave of pleasure through me.

The sound of his fingers grew increasingly wet, a testament to our mounting desire. My breath quickened, becoming more ragged, as I moaned loudly in ecstasy. He slowly inserted his fingers into me, and each movement sent cascades of pleasure through my body. Our eyes met once again, filled with a burning lust and a profound connection that drew us closer together.

With desire, he gently withdrew his wet fingers from me and embraced my waist, pressing me down onto the edge of the bed. I complied, my body trembling with anticipation. He stood close, so I could feel the warmth of his skin against my chin. An intense look was exchanged between us, a promise of the passion that awaited to be explored.

With my hands, I firmly grasped his dick, and my soft lips began to caress it in a sensual dance of thirst. I let my fingers glide back and forth, feeling how it teased him and intensified his longing. A loud moan escaped his lips, his body yearning for more.

In a moment, I lost myself in his pleasure, and with a daring smile, I opened my mouth, allowing his dick to slide deep into my warm mouth, while firmly gripping his balls. A wave of joy washed over him, and his moans filled the room with a symphony of pleasure. But suddenly, he broke the silence.

“You have to stop now!” he said with a trembling voice. “I’m about to come.” With a deep sigh, I stopped and withdrew his dick from my mouth, letting it rest against my lip. We looked at each other, our breaths were ragged, and our eyes were filled with a burning longing for more. We both knew that this was just the beginning, that our passion would take us on an exploration of sensuality.

He took a step back and lifted his drink to his lips, a tempting invitation to taste the exotic blend of flavors and lust. “Would you like a sip?” he asked me, and I nodded eagerly. I took the glass and had a small sip, feeling the warmth of his eyes on my skin. Carefully, I placed the drink back on the table and settled down on the bed.

My body yearned for his touch, for him to penetrate me deeply and fill me completely. He approached the edge of the bed slowly, and his full lips began to kiss my legs. His soft kisses moved upward, and I could feel a tingling sensation awakening my senses. A trembling anticipation spread through my body, and I knew that the moment was imminent.

Suddenly, he let his face sink deeply between my legs, as if he wanted to explore the innermost corners of my soul. An intensifying sensation of pleasure took hold of me as his tongue began to move in pulsating rhythmic motions. I struggled to control my breath, but my body responded with an irresistible trembling sensation that spread from my core to every nerve ending.

He continued to pleasure me orally, his tongue and lips dancing in an ecstasy of desire and intimacy. My hands gripped the sheets, and my heart pounded in my chest. This experience was far more intense than I had ever dreamed of. Our passion burned in an inferno of lust, and I surrendered completely to his skilled touch.

He rose to his knees and grasped my legs, pulling them close to him. My legs now rested over his strong shoulders, and I could feel the anticipation in the air. Slowly, he leaned over my body, his eyes locked onto mine. He let his hard dick glide back and forth between my thighs, and I could feel my body yearning to be filled by him.

His movements were slow and intense, as if he wanted to tease me, to drive me to the brink of desire. He held back, pulling away, letting his dick glide over my wet lips without penetrating deep inside me. A wave of frustration and longing washed over me, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

My legs locked around his neck, a silent plea to let me feel him completely. He understood my impatience and firmly grasped his dick, slowly guiding it inch by inch deep inside me. A wave of intensity and desire filled me as he began to move in pulsating thrusts, his dick gliding back and forth in a rhythmic dance.

Our moans became a harmonious symphony of ecstasy, filling the room. Each thrust, every movement, fused us together in a union of passion and devotion. I could feel his manhood filling me completely, our bodies melding together in an explosion of pleasure.

His movements grew faster, more intense, as if we were caught in an enchanting dance of passion. My body hovered on the edge of ecstasy, feeling the orgasm building inside me like a storm nearing its climax. With one final powerful thrust, I was catapulted into a deep, intense orgasm, waves of blissful pleasure coursing through every nerve ending in my body.

As he paused and his body fell back on his knees, I lay on the bed, floating in blissful euphoria. I felt seductive and powerful. With a smile on my lips, I let my toes caress his chest, and a naughty thought struck me. What would happen if I were to explore his passion in a different way?

He grabbed my foot and began to lick my toes, sending a tingling sensation through my body. His tongue danced between my toes, further arousing me. Slowly, he guided my other foot towards his dick, sliding it up and down between my toes, soaked in my juices. This naughty play heightened his arousal to an intense degree.

“I’m so close to coming,” he moaned, but he wasn’t ready to finish just yet. He wanted the evening to last forever, to prolong this pleasurable moment. Suddenly, an alarm sounded from his mobile phone, and he quickly grabbed it, checking the time. He whispered with a hint of excitement, rushing to turn off the alarm.

“Would you like to join me in the shower?” he asked, his voice filled with enticing promises. He moved into the bathroom and turned on the shower, filling the room with the soothing sound of running water. I followed him like an enchanted lover, ready to explore new boundaries of our passion.

As we stepped under the warm shower, the steam created an intimate atmosphere around us. The water cascaded down over our bodies, and he pulled me closer to him, our naked skin meeting. We embraced each other as the water enveloped us, washing away the last traces of our previous adventure.

We let our lips meet in a fervent kiss, passion rising like flames in our souls. Our hands explored each other’s bodies, every touch igniting a wave of pleasure. Our breath grew faster, more urgent, and our movements became a symbiosis of desire. We savored this moment, aware that it was a fleeting and daring affair.

We let our bodies slide further and further down onto the wet bathroom floor, as the water lashed down on us, creating an erotic symphony of sounds. “Turn around,” he whispered in my ear, and I obeyed his request with a mixture of excitement and anticipation. Carefully, I turned around, and my knees and hands found their way to the cool, wet floor.

He let his strong arms wrap around my waist and plunged his dick deep inside me. Every thrust sent a wave of pleasure coursing through my body, and I slid back and forth on the wet floor in sync with his movements. Slowly, I spread my legs out to the sides, stretched out, and let my arms sink down to brace against the wall, holding me in place. The pain transformed into pure ecstasy, and all I desired was to be filled by him, to feel him deep inside me.

Our wet bodies moved in harmony, as if we were one, united in our passion. Each thrust was a manifestation of our desire, amplified by the wet and intense atmosphere. Every movement, every moan, became a part of this masterpiece of desire. We surrendered to each other, without inhibitions or limitations, allowing our bodies and souls to melt together in an ecstatic union.

He embraced my body with his strong arms and lifted me back onto my knees. Slowly, I turned around and let my legs slide in between his, our bodies pressed closely together like two lovers in a passionate dance. I could feel his pulsating dick against my inner thighs, and the desire grew between us.

With his dick in his hand, he spoke in a deep and lustful voice, “Count to 10 for me.” I began counting in a soft and seductive tone, “1… 2… 3… 4…” He asked me to count slower, and I complied with his request. “5… 6… 7…” His hand started moving faster and faster, and I could feel the tension building between us.

“Grab my balls,” he eagerly moaned. I took hold of his balls and started squeezing them harder and harder in sync with his movements. “8… 9… 10…” A loud explosion of moans burst from his lips, and he was overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. His warm seed spread across my body, creating a vivid tableau of desire and passion.

We collapsed onto the wet bathroom floor; our bodies entwined. We had shared a moment of euphoria and intense pleasure that would remain etched in our memories as a reminder of our passionate encounter. And though we knew our paths would soon diverge, this night in room 208 would forever be engraved in our minds as a memory of a passion that burned brightly and intensely.

Suddenly, we are interrupted by the sound of his mobile phone, breaking into our passionate moment. Without a sense of time or place, he quickly rises from the wet bathroom floor and rushes out to answer the call. “I have to go now,” he says, grabbing a towel to dry his body. “Stay as long as you want,” he says to me.

I stand up from the wet floor and move out into the room. In a hurry, he puts on his pants, and I pick up the towel from the floor to dry his back. He turns around and embraces my wet body. “Why do you find me so interesting” I ask. He sighs deeply and looks deeply into my eyes. “It’s because your so damn perfect,” he says. He reaches out and passionately kisses me on the lips.

He gathers his belongings from the table and asks, “When will you text again?” I look at him with a sweet smile and reply, “When I crave dessert.” No more words are spoken, but a mischievous smile on his lips hints that it will happen soon. He leaves the room and closes the door behind him.

I start picking up my clothes from the floor and look at myself in the mirror. I see a woman who has succumbed to her desires and fulfilled her longing for a man for a long time.

I step out of the room and let the door close behind me. With my wet hair and running makeup, I try to find my way back to the staircase I walked up. Each step down reminds me of the intense moments we shared, and I can feel the warmth spreading through my body.

I move out of the hotel’s doors and step into the pulsating life of the city. The sound of cars, voices, and streetlights illuminating the night surrounds me. I can feel the looks of passersby catching me for a moment, and the feeling of excitement intertwines in my mind.

As cars pass me in a constant stream, I relive every single moment again and again. I feel his touch on my skin, the taste of his lips on mine, and the sound of our passionate moans filling my ears. Every detail flares up in my mind like vivid images telling the story of us.

I reflect upon why this evening was so magical and unique. It wasn’t just the thrill of the forbidden, the secret encounter between two strangers who found each other for a brief moment. It was also a realization of how far my partner and I had come as a committed couple, exploring the swinger lifestyle for many years. We had granted each other permission to have these experiences on our own, and it was a brave and challenging decision.

We had built trust and understanding, and we knew that we still deeply loved each other even as we sought erotic adventures outside of our shared bed. This evening was a confirmation of our maturity and our willingness to explore our individual sexuality. We had learned to free ourselves from societal norms and expectations, embracing our innermost desires without guilt or shame.

It was a reminder that even though we share a committed partnership, it is still vital to stay connected to our own needs and desires and give ourselves permission to explore them. This evening was a gift to both of us.

I left Room 208 without any promises. He understood my desire for a one-night adventure filled with passion and intensity. Perhaps our paths will cross again when desire beckons and lust takes hold.

Until then, I will cherish the memories of this night in Room 208.



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Private Euphoria from LONESOME DRAGON

Private Euphoria from LONESOME DRAGON

Price range: 640 to 768 US dollarsIf you're having trouble accessing the website, try turning off your Wi-Fi on your phone and using mobile data instead. There's nothing unsafe about the website; this step is simply to help troubleshoot the...

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The story behind

The story behind

Why In 2019 we went on a short getaway. We had decided to try a swinger club abroad and had spent a lot of time finding a suitable club at Google in advance, trying to figure out how to sign up for attending the club. When we finally figured out...

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Separation of Sex and Love

Separation of Sex and Love

Our thoughts and feelings. To us it has been really important to put into words our thoughts and feelings about being swingers to clarify what it means for our relationship with each other – and what it means for our relationship with others. It has also been...

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What are the benefits of being a swinger?

What are the benefits of being a swinger?

Swinger life is about being honest. The swinger environment is taboo because it does not fit into the stereotypical monogamous idea of having one partner whom you are loyal and faithful to throughout life. This notion that Swinger life is about infidelity and lack of...

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Swinger podcast



Listen to more podcasts on www.swingeruniversity.comEvery swing goes up and down, this one is no different This episode discusses some of the benefits and downsides of the swinging lifestyle to help you figure out your reasons for joining in the fun. SHOW NOTES:...

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Sexy Swinger Wear

Sexy Swinger Wear

Listen to more podcasts on www.swingeruniversity.comSwingers love to dress up and dress sexy! We discuss the why swingers love it, where to get it, and how to get comfortable wearing nothing but tape or paint! SHOW NOTES:1. Sexy Outfits Are Necessary2. Comfort Level3....

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What is your Alibi?

What is your Alibi?

Listen to more podcasts on www.swingeruniversity.comHow to keep the secret you are a swinger from your co-workers, friends and family? Lying is impossible to maintain, you're bound to trip up, and there's a better way. We help you come up with an alibi and share our 5...

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