Unleashing the Pleasure – An Evening of Dominance and Submission

A reader’s story: Edited by secretswingerlust.com.

In the bustling world of a modern day swingers’ dating site, an adventurous couple embarks on a journey into the raw realm of dominance and submission. The man, a 42-year-old swinger veteran, receives an unexpected invitation for a thrilling encounter that would forever change his perception of pleasure and arousal. Intrigued and excited, he plunges into this enticing game, discovering new boundaries of ecstasy with two stunningly beautiful women. “Unleashing the Pleasure: An Evening of Dominance and Submission” is a thrilling chronicle that explores the depths of human desire, trust, and the electrifying world of erotic adventures.

Chapter 1. A Provocative Invitation

It was just an ordinary Tuesday when I took my place on the alluring swingers dating site, searching for the perfect, adventurous couple. My beautiful wife and I were yearning for an evening filled with sensual escapades in the upcoming weekend.

Suddenly, a message popped up from a man, tempting with the words, “Are you tempted by a gangbang with two young and beautiful women?” An instinctive “Of course, I am” flew from my fingers as a response. I had no idea about the specifics of the arrangement, but I certainly wasn’t the kind of man to let such an opportunity slip away.

I couldn’t resist bragging to my wife about the extraordinary chance I, a 42-year-old man, had been chosen for. A pulsating gangbang with two young women. She let out a teasing laugh and was almost as excited as I was.

I opened their profile and discovered that the two girls were in a dominant swinger relationship, where they were aroused by being controlled and used by their master. Their young ages of 23 and 24 were evident, and their beauty was irresistible.

The idea that these girls were excited by the rough and raw world ignited a fire within me. I could feel how intensely it aroused me.


Chapter 2. Meeting the Master

A day later, the next message arrived from their Master. It was cold and commanding. We were to meet at a crossroads where he could observe people before they entered the girls’ domain. A specific time for the meeting was set, along with instructions on what we should bring. We were informed that we must show respect and adhere to eight rules when we were with the girls. Additionally, we were made aware of the safe words to use if the situation became too overwhelming for the girls. We were also informed about the duration for which the girls could be used.

All these rules and guidelines made me incredibly happy because I could sense that it wasn’t just about satisfying us men, but about giving his girls a fantastic experience. I hurriedly replied, assuring him that I would, of course, adhere to all the rules.

The day arrived, and I sat behind the wheel, driving for 90 minutes to reach our meeting point. Despite being part of the swinger community for many years with my fantastic and young wife, and having experienced most things, it was still the first time I was going to meet someone on an open street to participate in a gangbang with girls I had never seen before.

I arrived at the meeting point way too early, as I had left with plenty of time to spare. I didn’t want to risk missing this naughty arrangement by being late. Five minutes before our scheduled time, I started moving towards the crossroads. I could see five other men standing around our agreed meeting spot, and there was no doubt that we were all waiting for the same thing.

It was evident that the Master had selected muscular men aged between 35-45 years, who were conscious of their appearance and had plenty of experience to ensure they wouldn’t get nervous.

Suddenly, a mature man emerged from a nearby apartment complex. His presence exuded a magnetic calmness, and he approached us with assured steps. His gaze quickly scanned our faces, as if he needed to confirm whether the pictures on our profiles matched reality. Afterwards, he began to repeat the rules of the game, with significant emphasis on ensuring that the girls would have an exciting experience filled with pleasure. As a small side note, he revealed that one of the girls had been dreaming about a gangbang in the past few months, but this was her first step into this promising world.

He explained the setup, which differed slightly from my previous experiences. The girls were to be blindfolded throughout the evening and were required to remain silent. Their only task was to be good girls and surrender themselves to the pleasure they were given.

It wasn’t about who performed the actions, but rather about them trusting that he had only invited people of high quality. One of the girls had previously explored this world and was turned on by the raw and intense treatment. We were encouraged to follow her desires and even punish her if she wasn’t “a good girl”.

Now we all stood gathered in the middle of a bustling street, with the excitement palpable in the air, as we waited for him to show us the way to the two girls. With a powerful “Shall we?” he set course towards the apartment complex and led us straight into a larger apartment. In the center of the living room, now stood six men vibrating with excitement. Only a single door separated us from the young and “innocent” girls, who undoubtedly had been just as eager and aroused as we were.



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Chapter 3. A Night of Ecstasy

Clothes began to fall to the ground, and suddenly the door slid open, revealing a larger room. There sat the most enchanting naked girls, blindfolded on the floor, in front of a massive bed, their youthful bodies were like art, adorned with beautiful breasts and perfectly shaped booty. Both girls wore handcuffs, symbols of their complete submission and willingness to explore the boundaries of pleasure.

The inexperienced girl had dark and slightly curly hair in a ponytail, while her slender body radiated the enchantment of youth. Her small, firm breasts seemed destined to be caressed by daring hands, and her buttocks were sculpted and trained to perfection.

Next to her sits the more experienced girl, with her long blonde hair cascading like golden threads around her shoulders. Her breasts are like two perfect droplets that seduce the imagination, and her full buttocks have a magnetic allure that one cannot escape.

With intense desire, we moved closer to them, and the man reiterated once again that we should treat the dark-haired girl with extra care, as her nervousness was evident in her trembling body. Without hesitation, I approached her directly, sitting there, overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation. Slowly, I lowered myself in front of her, so close that our breaths almost merged. In a whispering voice, I said, “You must be a obedient girl.”

A deep gasp escaped her lips, and her body trembled with nervous excitement. Her gaze made my own senses tingle with desire as I gently and slowly let my hand glide over her chest, just as a preview of the sensual ecstasy that awaited us.

An intense scream broke out from her lips, and her body trembled in an overwhelming wave of arousal. Her being was engulfed in an intense excitement that sent waves of pleasure through every inch of her being. It was as if she experienced a mental orgasm, created by my words and the tender sensation of my hand against her skin.

Her body was like an electrified wire, vibrating in ecstasy and longing for more. Every single nerve in her seemed to be awakened to life, dancing in harmony with her deepest fantasies. It was an instantaneous and intense reaction, testifying to the passion that had smoldered within her, now released with overwhelming force.

I stood up with a dominant gaze, and my hand grasped her throat firmly, yet still with respect for the rules. With a commanding tone, I asked her to open her mouth, and without hesitation, I introduced my erect penis into her full lips. Her mouth was immediately filled, and I could feel how she struggled to breathe. Slowly and determinedly, I pushed my penis deeply into her mouth, and her small and fragile body began to move in desperation for air. Meanwhile, one of the other men had brought out a LELO vibrator and began to tease her clitoris, sending waves of ecstatic pleasure through her body and directly into an orgasm.

The room filled with a symphony of passionate sounds, harmoniously blending together. The blonde and more experienced girl was desired by three men at once, their hands and lips exploring her body with irresistible intensity. Her moans became louder and louder, filled with desire, she wanted more.

Meanwhile, the dark-haired girl was engaged in a deep and intense experience. My penis was deeply buried in her throat, and she was struggling to get enough air to let out an orgasm-charged scream. The vibrator’s caress on her clitoris sent electric pulses through her body, and she was in a state of overwhelming pleasure. Her body reacted to the intense vibrations, and she was on the brink of another orgasm.

With a swift pull, I withdrew my pulsating penis from her mouth, and a loud scream of excitement escaped her lips. I let it last for almost 30 endless seconds, where her body vibrated and the sound of her scream filled the room. But I couldn’t resist the urge to fill her throat again, so I thrust my penis deep into her mouth hard. Despite her active gag reflexes, I commanded her to accept it with dignity, without complaining. However, I quickly pulled back as I had a plan to take her hard and brutally.

I ordered her down on all fours, and her youthful, flexible body looked absolutely stunning in that position. With teasing playfulness, I let my penis circle around her wet pussy without penetrating her. Her desire was intensified, and she longed to be filled. The sound of a man ejaculating his seed over the blonde girl filled the air and sent a wave of extraordinary arousal through her. Simultaneously, I grabbed her throat with a firm grip, hovering on the edge between pleasure and asphyxiation. It only made her even more aroused, as she allowed herself to be engulfed by the forbidden and intense atmosphere.

With a firm grip on her ponytail, I pulled her head back and thrust my 18 cm long penis deep inside her. In a low, sensual whisper, I warned her that if she had an orgasm, she would be punished. At the same time, her mouth was filled with another man’s penis, penetrating deep into her throat. This overwhelming combination of pleasure and control caused her to lose any form of self-control, and her body was overwhelmed by a third orgasm, which she couldn’t stop. Her screams of ecstasy filled the room as she was overwhelmed by the intense experience.

As a man who stood by his words, I couldn’t ignore her breach of the agreement. Without hesitation, I gave her a hard, firm slap, and a firm grip around her throat as a reminder of her place. Meanwhile, the man who had again penetrated her throat deeply couldn’t resist the intensity of her orgasms. He exploded in a cascade of warm semen that filled her throat and left her overwhelmed by a mixture of pleasure and submission.


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I could distinctly feel her pussy tighten around my penis, and her body was seized by a wave of intensity. But at the same time, her mouth was filled with a spurting penis, a hand around her throat tightening, and a firm grip on her ponytail as I continued to fuck her tight, small pussy. The intense combination of sensory input sent her into an overwhelming orgasm that caused her to collapse like a rag. Her body shook and she gasped for breath, as if she had been on the edge of ecstasy for an eternity.

The man who had arranged the whole event smiled satisfied, and he approached her. With a firm voice, he said, “You are embarrassing, pull yourself together. You have 2 minutes to get back on track.” His words were sharp and left her with a sense of humiliation and a burning desire to live up to his expectations.

I turned my gaze towards the blonde girl and noticed how she had sucked the life out of the three other men. Her satisfied body now lay exhausted and content as if she had had her share of the experience. Her chest rose and fell in a calm rhythm, and a satisfied smile danced around her lips as she enjoyed the moment of silence and contentment.

I approached her and noticed that her body was visibly tired and used, but at the same time she showed an impressive obedience and well-behaved nature. I began to touch her, but it wasn’t long before I decided to take control and take her orally.

She was skilled and managed to take my penis deep down her throat with ease. Her skills were remarkable, and she was able to handle it almost without problems when I started to fuck her mouth. After a few minutes, the host gave me a discreet sign and said, “Give me a moment, then you get to fuck her.” He grabbed her by the throat and led her into the living room where he tied her hands to two carabiners fastened to the wall.

She had reached her outer limit, and in a moment of total dominance he pulled out a whip. With precision and force, he gave her five strong blows – two on her back and three on her well-shaped buttocks. She could barely contain the pain and lust, and she was on the brink of collapse.

Then he took a step back and pointed at me with the words: “Destroy her.” I was ready to perform my role. I inserted my penis deep into her dripping wet pussy and began to move with an intensity and pace that made both her and me feel the burning passion. He stepped closer and grabbed her throat with both hands, squeezing hard. She began to gasp for breath, and her struggle to draw enough air to scream became just part of her arousal.

In a moment of mutual pleasure and intensity, she was overwhelmed by the wildest orgasm. Her body shook and tensed up, while she desperately tried to find a balance between breathing and the inner desire to scream that coursed through her.

After this intense orgasm, she was completely exhausted. The host looked around at us men with a satisfied smile: “Thank you for tonight, my girls can’t handle anymore.” We quickly got dressed and left the place. We walked out onto the street, disappearing into the darkness, in a mix of excitement and guilt as if we had just performed something forbidden.


Chapter 4. Aftermath and Revelations

On the way home, I couldn’t wait to share the intense experience with my wife. I called her with a pounding pulse, eager to tell her about the naughty evening that had unfolded. I tried to describe every tantalizing moment, every sucking breath and every ecstatic moan that filled the air. Her breathing became heavier on the phone, and she gave me a surprising response – she found it just as incredibly naughty as I did. The electric tension between us increased, and we started fantasizing about future erotic adventures that could unfold both alone and together.

The day after the explosive night, I received an inviting message on our swinger dating profile that sent electric impulses of excitement and anticipation through my body. The message was nothing less than an invitation to enter their secret gangbang lodge, an exclusive world of sensual exploration and boundary-breaking lust.

My heart began to beat faster, and my thoughts were filled with fantasies about the upcoming adventure. The thought of being part of this intense and erotically charged experience made my pulse rise, and my body tremble with desire. I could almost feel the delicious, intense energy that would fill the room when we all gathered to satisfy our deepest and most shameless desires.

I immediately accepted the offer, knowing that this opportunity was rare and extraordinary. Being recognized as a worthy participant in their exclusive company of passionate lovers gave me a sense of pride and satisfaction. I was eager to enter this hidden world and explore the sensual secrets that awaited me.



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