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Finding the right fit in the swinging lifestyle can be challenging.

Swinging with others involves compatibility, attraction, confidence and preferences.  It is very much like dating but waaaaay more complicated.  You may have found that the swinging lifestyle can get very challenging to coordinate all four interests at the same time and we hope to provide a bit of insight on the “right fit”. 

 Show notes:

  1. Compatibility
  2. Intellect
  3. Confidence
  4. Physical
  5. Attractiveness
  6. Kissing 4 Dummies
  7. Women Are Gatekeepers
  8. Preferences & Stereotypes

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The Ultimate Guide for Single Men: Mastering Your First Swinger Club Experience

Entering the world of swinger clubs as a single man can be both an exciting and daunting journey. To ensure that your first experience is not only enjoyable but also enriching, here is an in-depth guide to set you up for success. Understand the Club's Events and Schedule Swinger clubs offer a wide...

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Rimming Petite from b-Vibe

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Le Wand Petite from Le Wand

Price range: 145 US dollarsWe tested the Le Wand Petite, motivated by its recognition as a winner of the Women's Health and FEMTECH Awards. It's stirred up quite a buzz in the industry and among consumers, and with all the talk and hype surrounding it, we felt an irresistible urge...

Private Euphoria from LONESOME DRAGON

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Unleashing the Pleasure – An Evening of Dominance and Submission

A reader's story: Edited by In the bustling world of a modern day swingers’ dating site, an adventurous couple embarks on a journey into the raw realm of dominance and submission. The man, a 42-year-old swinger veteran, receives an unexpected invitation for a thrilling...

Meet Me in Room 208 – A Passionate Affair

A reader's story: Edited by In a hotel in the heart of the city, a secret lingers, known only to a select few. Room 208 holds a tale of desire and smoldering passion, drawing a passionate woman into a daring adventure. Her mind brims with fantasies that can only be fulfilled...

Prejudices about swinger clubs and relationships with benefits

There are many prejudices about swinger clubs, and there are also good reasons for that. There is a considerable difference between excellent and bad swinger clubs, but if you choose the good clubs, there is no reason to fear prejudices.No 1. Prejudice: There are only old single men in swinger...

The Honest Truth: Swinger Feelings

Listen to more podcasts on www.swingeruniversity.comThe honest truth: Swinger feelings Join us for….all the feels: rejection, jealousy, mind fucking, hokey pokey and zombie feelings.  We also share some of our early perceptions of swinging and personal growth. SHOW NOTES: A Little About Us...
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